Co-Directors’ Message

As knowledge about the universe grows, the fields of physics and astronomy become more expansive. Even as we gain answers, questions remain about the origins and evolution of the universe and the fundamental theories of matter and energy. The Center for Particle Cosmology brings together theorists and experimentalists in cosmology and particle physics to answer these questions in an environment distinguished by unfettered interactions and collaborations between members of the traditionally distinct groups. 
Penn theorists have made significant contributions to the field, particularly in the study of dark energy, dark matter, realistic string theory models, and alternatives to Einstein's general theory of relativity. Our experimentalists have led national and international projects that have measured distant supernovae, gravitational lensing and the cosmic microwave background radiation that dates from the early universe. Together, these theoretical and experimental discoveries have helped formulate the standard model of cosmology. Center researchers are currently tackling puzzles related to the expansion rate of the universe and its inhomogeneities, with intriguing hints of new physics.
The Center for Particle Cosmology, with its emphasis on collaboration, creates a new model for physics and astronomy. We have produced exciting results by crossing the traditional boundaries of theory, experiment and data analysis algorithms. The Center’s commitment to being a research incubator means not only supporting research and education at all levels, from faculty and postdocs to graduate and undergraduate students, but also engaging members of the community surrounding Penn. The Center brings high-level speakers to campus, enhancing the Penn’s global visibility and facilitating a culture of learning and knowledge-sharing. Collaborations with local schools and organizations such as the Franklin Institute also share the Center’s work with wider audiences and communicate the exciting pace of discovery in the field today.